Van City Eats


I was very lucky last week as I got to travel to Vancouver for a couple of days. Although I was there for only two days and one night, and had a day of work in there, I still got to try some great restaurants!


I always love being recommended restaurants by locals when I’m away as I think it is the best way to try gems you may never find on your own. Well this was one of them! Nook is located at 781 Denman and as it’s name describes, it is small but definitely doesn’t lack character. As my dear friend April and I stood in the busy doorway the restaurant bustled with happy pizza eating customers. We wrote our name on a chalk board to hold our place in line and patiently waited. Well it was worth the wait! We had homemade meatballs accompanied by a glass of prosecco followed by the Prosciutto pizza topped with arugula and roasted garlic and a bottle of red wine. It was simple, full of flavour and absolutely delicious.

Meat & Bread

Wayne was recently in Vancouver for a health food trade show, tried this place and loved it so I followed suit! Meat & Bread has two locations, one on Cambie and one on Pender, both are bustling neighbourhoods in the heart of downtown. We walked into the jam packed Pender location and were confronted with large, family style tables, a busy ordering counter and the smell of fresh meat, I fell in love. The concept is so simple but so brilliant; you have a choice of four fresh sandwiches or the daily special, also a sandwich. A quick order in the queue, fresh bread and meat is sliced to order, it is all put on a individual wood board with either mustard or hot sauce on the side and you are whizzed down the line to the cashier. I had the Porchetta sandwich which was topped with salsa verde , and a fancy pink lemonade to wash it down. We sat at a crowded family style table and it didn’t matter if you were bumping elbows with your neighbour since the food and atmosphere was so good.

So if you are in Vancouver soon, trust me and try these restaurants!

With love from your blogger,