Bike Gangs and Burgers

In honour of Burger Week officially commencing yesterday, my fellow Charcoal Collaborators, a few friends and I went on a mini burger tour on bikes last night. The eight of us hopped on our bikes and headed to Bistro 7 1/4, Deseo and Segovia hoping that some of the physical activity would combat the amounts of food that was about to ensue.

I know I have been talking about burgers a lot over the last few weeks and now that I have tried a few of them you really won’t be able to shut me up. Bistro 7 1/4 ‘s peach, bacon and bourbon BBQ burger was exactly how it sounds; amazing. Who knew peaches on a burger could taste so good?! With shoestring fries on the side, we barely made it past stop 1.

Next stop was Deseo, which wasn’t quite ready for burger week yet so we took to the opportunity to lighten up the food overload with a few small plates which were as delicious as always. Last stop was Segovia, which definitely ended with a bang. Their burger, named The Springsteen because of its all American flare, was made from beef and bacon, served on a sesame bun with ooey gooey melted American cheese on top. And the kicker?! Special Sauce and sweet pickles. If I wouldn’t of had a heart attack I would have ate 5 they were so good.

So the challenge is on Winnipeg!! You have till September 7th to try some of the city’s best culinary talent compete for the best burger with cheese all for a reasonable $10 or less. For a full list of the restos check out my previous post here and then vote for your fav at!

With love from your blogger who might need to wear a muumuu this week,