looking back on a week of burgers

There is no other way to start other than to say thank you; first, to all of the restaurants for their amazingly delicious creations and for their participation in the event, you truly outdid yourselves and we couldn’t be more grateful. Secondly, to all of the customers that stuffed their faces with burgers for an entire week and took the time to go online and vote, this event relied on your enthusiasm and you definitely rose to the challenge. Last but not least to the nation-wide organizers in Montreal who without their passion for food and the humble hamburger, Burger Week would never have been created in the first place. So who took the championship as voted by Winnipeg and all of its participants? UnBurger with the Shang-Awesome! (APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE) In a close second we have Saigon Jon’s with the mother-effin royale with cheese and third on the podium is the boys with no restaurant at Table Manners with their delightful creation dubbed the Ryan Gosling.

Burger Week was not only a friendly culinary competition, but also a way to celebrate Winnipeg’s culinary greatness and to bring all of our incredible locally owned restaurants together. We only hope that next year it becomes bigger and better, not only for restaurants and customers but also for the community at large.  Throughout the week we here at Charcoal did our best to eat and photograph as many burgers as possible, luckily we had the help of all of you lovely people to eat and photograph the rest. If you feel like getting a little sentimental about the burgers that once was, you are in for a treat. Very big thanks again to everyone and we look forward to your participation in the years to come. Much Love from the Charcoal Collaborative – Daniel, Sarah & Arielle